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Pressure chamber B-Cabin P32 Recovery Cab

Pressure chamber B-Cabin P32 Recovery Cab


The pressure chambers of the Bluberia company are expanded to ensure the safety of the hyperbaric oxygenation procedure under pressure up to 2 bar (3 ATA). The chambers are prepared to the latest European standards and tested according to the EN 14931 standard.

Technical information:

Virobu material : Steel/acrylic

Working vice: 2 bar

Hydrostatic pressure: 3 bar

Operating temperature range: 0-45

Camera space: 1 person

Chamber inner diameter: 800mm

Hot plate: 2 494 mm

Wall thickness: 45mm

Vaga 1.1 t.

Working voltage: 220V/50Hz



- control valve

- Internal communication system

- guchnomovna telephone system

- visually easy

- sour gas analyzers

- data protocol

- dimu sensors

- Air conditioning system (cooling, heating)

- ventilation dovodzhuvach

-Control system


Additional options:


- Emergency batteries

-TV monitor

- LED backlight


Warranty 3 years (+2 years option)

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