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Oxygen chamber МАСYPAN SL900 from REDX

Oxygen chamber МАСYPAN SL900 from REDX

SKU: 007900

Professional pressure chamber MASYPAN SL900  luxury class  with  exclusive design line from REDX. Inside upholstery made of natural  calf skin, orthopedic coconut  goose down mattress and pillow. Also equipped with a noise canceling system.  Specially designed for beauty salons, health centers, clinics and sanatoriums. Other customized options are available.


Length: 220cm.  Diameter: 90cm. Pressure inside  1.5ATA / 7PSI. Weight 265 kg


The chamber is made of stainless steel with  paintwork. High quality upholstery inside. 


Included:  Pressure chamber,  Air saturation system with oxygen 10l / min, Communication system, Compressor,  Air conditioner, mattress,  pillow, oxygen mask.


A feature of this product is its durability and focus on business service.


The warranty is valid for 5 years. Return of goods in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine


Free delivery in Kiev

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