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Oxygen cylinder medical inhaler 5 liters

Oxygen cylinder medical inhaler 5 liters

SKU: 857597



A medical oxygen cylinder with a patient set "Patient-O2" is an autonomous oxygen source and is intended for oxygen therapy to patients who, as prescribed by a doctor, need oxygen in a higher concentration than its content in the ambient air (21%). 


"Patient-O2" can also be used by healthy people to improve performance, relieve stress, and prepare oxygen cocktails.

Oxygen delivery with the Patient-O2 set is similar to oxygen delivery using sources such as an oxygen concentrator or oxygen bag.

Oxygen therapy or oxygen therapy is a method of treating diseases using oxygen.


Indications for oxygen therapy:

  • Respiratory failure (acute or chronic), cyanosis
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Pulmonary edema
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Arthritis, Arthrosis
  • Cardiac asthma
  • Decompression sickness
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Eye diseases
  • Choking attacks with allergic reactions
  • Rehabilitation after poisoning (eg, carbon monoxide, alcohol, etc.)
  • Improving the effectiveness of cancer treatment
  • Improving the effectiveness of the treatment of respiratory diseases



  • Pulmonary hemorrhage Autism Brain dystrophy How it works. Oxygen is supplied from the cylinder under high pressure, approximately 160 kgf / cm², to the reducer. The reducer releases oxygen up to 1.5 - 2 kgf / cm². Oxygen then enters the flow meter, where you can adjust the oxygen flow to the patient from 0 to 15 L / min. Oxygen passes through the humidifier with water, thereby humidifying oxygen up to 85%. Then the humidified oxygen is supplied to the breath through a mask or cannula. Use oxygen for breathing as directed by your doctor. Use oxygen for breathing at the prescribed concentration and only through a humidifier, as pure oxygen can worsen the patient's condition.


Complete set: Oxygen cylinder 5 l - 1 pc. Manometer - 1 pc. Reducer - 1 pc. Flow meter - 1 pc. Humidifier - 1 pc. Cannulas - 1 pc.

Manufacturer: Ukraine Warranty - 1 year

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