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Oxygen concentrator AE-10 Brightfield 2-stream

Oxygen concentrator AE-10 Brightfield 2-stream

SKU: 001789

Aerti oxygen concentrators are designed to produce air mixtures with a high O2 content (up to 90-95%).

The ambient air is cleaned by a modern multilevel filtration system. Passing through purification filters, oxygen is freed from impurities, gases, as well as viruses and infections. As a result of filtration at the outlet, the user receives purified oxygen.

"AE Series" - Intelligent Design

  • LCD display showing the current and total operating time of the equipment;
  • Timer for managing working hours (from 10 min to 5:00)
  • High efficiency filter protects against most contaminants and bacteria
  • Intelligent self-diagnosis system: alarms with display of faulty information on the LCD;
  • Large displacement compressor provides up to 30% longer service life;
  • Long service life, suitable for 24 hours;
  • Low noise level.

Standard features:

  • Power failure alarm;
  • Overheating alarm;
  • Service hint.

Additional functions (included in the package):

  • Low oxygen alarm
  • High / low pressure alarm
  • nebulizer function
  • SpO2 function (pulse oximetry)
  • Remote control


  • Flow rate: 0-10 l / min
  • Oxygen concentration: 93 ± 3%
  • Power: 610W
  • Noise level: ≤50dB
  • Outlet pressure: 55kPa ± 10%
  • Weight: 24KG
  • Dimensions: 372 x 340 x 612mm


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