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Oxygen concentrator 10l Biomed JAY-10 + pulse oximeter

Oxygen concentrator 10l Biomed JAY-10 + pulse oximeter

SKU: 001654

The oxygen concentrator Biomed JAY-10 is the best model among analogs, since it is distinguished by its small dimensions and low noise level. JAY-10 is an energy-consuming and safe to use device that is effective in the treatment of respiratory diseases, as well as diseases of the cardiovascular and cerebral vascular systems. It is used for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, carbon monoxide poisoning and other diseases of hypoxia.


  This oxygen concentrator Biomed JAY-10 includes a large LCD display that reflects priority indicators (number of starts, compressor operating pressure, timer time and total operating time of the equipment).


  • High quality technology;
  • Long operational life;
  • The presence of wheels for easy movement of equipment;
  • Bright timer on the front panel displays the operating time in minutes;
  • Convenient buttons on the body for simple and quick control and configuration;
  • The versatile device is suitable for use at home and for use in specialized hospitals.
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