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Multiple hyperbaric chamber OxyLife C3 OxyHelp 4 persons

Multiple hyperbaric chamber OxyLife C3 OxyHelp 4 persons

SKU: 999321

OxyLife C multi-position camera  from OxyHelp is ideal for treating multiple patients at the same time or with a single nurse or observer to monitor patients and provide assistance during therapy, electronic functions or in emergencies.


The only multi-position camera that can go through a standard door.


Size 192.4 × 289.2 cm

Volume 7440 L
Weight 615 kg


The three sections are small enough (70cm x 190cm) to fit through a standard door hatch so that the assembly procedure can be performed inside the building without the need for structural modification. If required, the modular chamber can be disassembled, repositioned and then conveniently reassembled to another location.


Interior comfort

  • Modular design
  • Flexible seats, spacers and liquid sealing materials between modules and sections prevent gas leaks and pressure losses in the chamber
  • Folding seats allow comfortable use of space
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • The camera can be equipped with a stationary bike. 


Multi-position maxicamera

The multi-position hyperbaric mini- and maxicamera with oxygen are built according to different specifications for hospitals that receive a large number of patients for oxygen therapy. The rooms reduce the number of staff for patients and are designed for comfortable therapy sessions. The operator can control the camera both outside and with patients. The rooms have dual computer operation, allowing patients to customize their medical protocol both from the inside and outside.


Commercial advantages

  • It will benefit your patients for many years to come with minimal operating and maintenance costs.
  • Delivers amazing results very quickly and makes every therapy session count. 
  • Designed for people of all ages, it will make them feel stronger, healthier, more energized and painless.
  • Available for purchase within an affordable price range.
  • Excellent return on investment


Technical advantages

  • Low ratio between occupied floor surface and minimum oversight (from one track 75 cm x 210 cm, 90 kg)
  • Places for up to 4 (four) people either on 2 (two) and 2 (two) folding bicycles or on 4 (four) such in total 
  • Works without a doctor (can work from the inside without assistance, timer and counter)
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs (air filter replacement only)
  • Built with modular parts that can be linked inside the therapy building.
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