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Professional pressure chamber MASYPAN luxury class

Professional pressure chamber MASYPAN luxury class

SKU: 000222

Professional camera MASYPAN luxury class  with  the exclusive Venice Beach design line. Specially designed for beauty salons, health centers, clinics and sanatoriums. 


Length: 220cm, Diameter: 90cm. Pressure inside  1.5ATA / 7PSI. Weight 255 kg


The chamber is made of stainless steel with  paintwork. High quality upholstery inside. 


Included:  Pressure chamber,  Air saturation system with oxygen 10l / min, Communication system, Compressor,  Air conditioner, mattress,  pillow, oxygen mask.


A feature of this product is its durability and focus on business service.


    The warranty is valid for 5 years. Return of goods in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine


    Free delivery across Kiev.

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