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Offer for business owners

(health resorts, sanatoriums, rest homes and cosmetology clinics)

Barotherapy is a new trend. This technology came to us from the space industry, so it was  available  a small number of people.  Beauty industry  relatively recently began to use oxygen therapy as  effective  way  postoperative  recovery  and rejuvenation of the body. And in recent years, this type of therapy has become more affordable. It is thanks to  its effectiveness and availability, oxygen barotherapy is already quite popular. Acquisition  a hyperbaric chamber for business provides many bonuses.


Clinically proven and approved

Treatment and rejuvenation in the pressure chamber is due to increased pressure and a cocktail of air and pure oxygen. Thanks to this, the blood and tissues in the body are better saturated with oxygen, which starts the regeneration process.

Barotherapy is clinically approved and used by doctors for a wide range of diseases and disorders of the body. The list includes diseases of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract and liver, and problems of the nervous system. Barotherapy is used in the treatment of ischemic stroke, cerebral palsy, autism, eye diseases.  Carbon monoxide poisoning, heavy metals, toxic chemicals and diabetes are treated with oxygen oxygenation. In plastic surgery, healing after plastic surgery is faster. In urology and gynecology, violations of sexual function in men and obstetric pathology (including intrauterine fetal hypoxia), pathology of newborns are treated this way. Decompression diseases, autoimmune diseases, allergies and radiation injuries also pass faster in hyperbaric chambers.


Thanks to the restoration of the process of effective accumulation of energy in cells, after a course of barotherapy, a person feels a long-term therapeutic effect for about 4-5 months. Libido, a feeling of cheerfulness and energy are increased.


Brief business plan


  1 employee for 3 pressure chambers.  




  • salary of service personnel from 550 $ / month (6600 $ / year);

  • disposable sheets / caps $ 0.5 / set ($ 2160 / year);

  • electricity - 1350 UAH / month for one pressure chamber (600 $ / year)

  Total 9364 $ / year


Income structure  

Session - 1 hour.

Sale of the service (UAH 10-40 per session):

1 session - people who are looking for something new. Usually they do not convert well into further sales, because the therapeutic effect after the first session is hardly noticeable and is not permanent.  

3 sessions are those who felt and want more. Their recommendations drive further sales. The therapeutic effect is noticeable, there is a high chance of further selling courses for 5-10 sessions.  

5 sessions is the most reliable audience, because the therapeutic effect is pronounced and in 75% of cases further purchase and regular courses follow.  

10 sessions - regular clients who need barotherapy for medical reasons, as well as those who have already experienced a therapeutic effect.

Calculation of investment and return on investment 

Screen Shot 2022-08-16 at 8.54.39PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-16 at 8.54.53PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-16 at 8.55.03 PM.png

How the service is provided:  

  • the client is immersed in a pressure chamber (up to 5 minutes in underwear or light clothing);

  • session: starting the pressure chamber, increasing the pressure to the working one (3-5 minutes),  oxygenation (25-40 min), pressure relief (3-5 min); 

  • the client leaves the pressure chamber (5 min); 

  • preparation of a capsule for a new client (change of disposable pillow and sheet, disinfection, 5 min)

The target audience  


  1. People who have undergone surgery, including cosmetic surgery. Barotherapy significantly speeds up the rehabilitation period and wound healing.

  2. Patients of clinics with a medical referral. Doctors prescribe barotherapy in the cases mentioned above, but there is a problem in the number of oxygen chambers, especially in the regions. As a rule, a course of 15-30 hours of barotherapy is prescribed every 3 months. 

  3. Office workers - with hypoxia, chronic fatigue and other "office" problems. People for whom efficiency and efficiency are important buy courses for 20-60 sessions.

  4. Children with autism, cerebral palsy, ZRR and others. The therapeutic effect is noticeable after the 5-7th sessions and the course of 20-30 hours is repeated every  3-4 months. 

  5. Athletes: The popularity of barotherapy around the world is growing in high performance sports. It is also actively used by Paralympians, in singles and team sports.  


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