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Oxygen pressure chamber MASYPAN HP600 for animals

Oxygen pressure chamber MASYPAN HP600 for animals

SKU: 0013011

Professional medical pressure chamber MASYPAN HP800  for postoperative recovery of animals and pets. Specially designed for veterinary clinics and rehabilitation centers:


- Volvulus and related injuries.

- Repair of fractures, especially open fractures or fractures associated with abnormal or non-union.

- Resection and anastamosis of the gastrointestinal tract, especially post-anterior obstruction of the body.

- Amputation.

- Skin grafts.

- Hemilaminectomy.

- Ablation of the ear canal.

The camera is made of aluminum and high quality polymers. 

Size: 125 × 73 × 86cm, Weight: 75kg, Pressure:  1.3 / 1.4ATA (4 / 5.8psi)


Included:  Pressure chamber,  Air saturation system with oxygen 5l / min, Compressor,  Air conditioner.


With the help of oxygenation sessions, postoperative recovery is faster and surgical rubles or wounds heal faster.


The warranty is valid for 5 years. Return of goods in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine


Free delivery in Kiev

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