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Oxygen concentrator with humidifier 5L ZY-802

Oxygen concentrator with humidifier 5L ZY-802

SKU: 767876

Oxygen concentrator  OZ-1-02-LMO (ZY-802)  is a device capable of releasing high concentrations of oxygen from the ambient air. This is a new and improved model of the manufacturer Guangzhou Life Light Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. It is simple, small-sized and has a number of advantages over  ZY-801. 


Benefits :

  • higher oxygen concentration ≤1 L / min: ≥93%  (v   ZY-801  ≤1L / min: ≥90%)
  • Noise level no more than 40dB (in   ZY-801  3 "> 45dB) i>
  • simple operation with buttons
  • versatile wheels allow you to spend less effort when moving the oxygen concentrator


Oxygen generator  OZ-1-02-LMO , 1-5 l / min. (oxygen concentrator) - designed to obtain oxygen from atmospheric air. This device is widely used in hospitals, clinics, beauty parlors. 

The device is oversized and has a modern design, and its functionality is very simple to operate, which allows it to be used at home. 


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